Learning for the journey

Before you begin your journey to New Orleans with the Center, we encourage you to take some time, preferably as a group, to engage in some directed learning about the New Orleans community, the history of Hurricane Katrina, and social injustices. At a minimum, we ask that you watch a few required videos and read a few required articles to help make your time in New Orleans the best experience for all!

There are three pre-travel curriculum playlists available on our YouTube channel. Please watch the Required playlist before your service trip begins. If you have the time, you are encouraged to watch the Recommended and Highly Recommended playlists as well.

Recommended Service Learning Pre-Travel Curriculum
If you are interested in going even further, check these out.

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Highly Recommended Service Learning Pre-Travel Curriculum
Although these videos are not required, we highly recommend that you watch them as well. They will give you more context and history that will prepare you for your week.

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Discussion Questions for Playlist Videos

We have provided some discussion questions to help facilitate your group conversation.


Cultural Racism Videos
We know that the recommended videos can be difficult to get through, and sometimes overwhelming. So when you need a break, take a look at these cultural racism videos for some comic relief.

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Recommended New Orleans Creative Cultural Resistance Videos
This playlist features some of the most dynamic cultural traditions in New Orleans: Jazz Funerals, Mardi Gras Indians, Second Line Parades, and Slam Poetry. Take some time to soak up a bit of New Orleans before you get here!

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Thank you for taking the time to enrich your volunteer experience and engage in a transformational dialogue with us. These conversations will be continued throughout your time with us in New Orleans and, hopefully, beyond!
See you soon!